The ideal place for your meetings

The Sangho Syphax can organize your seminars, banquets, congresses or simple meeting.

Our team is at your disposal to help you organize and ensure the success of your event.

The hotel has 5 rooms that can accommodate you according to the desired configuration

  1. Thyna: max 400 people
  2. Sidi Mansour: max 80 people
  3. Chaffar: max 50 people
  4. Taparura: max 25 people
  5. El Bousten: max 20 people

The hotel is equipped with professional and audio visual equipment such as

  • Screen 2.30 / 1.80, screen 1.80 / 1
  • Laser pointer
  • Slide projectors, video projectors and overhead projectors
  • TV

And also,

  • Desks
  • And wifi connection

A business center is also available with

  • A secretariat and a cyber center with 3 computers connected to broadband internet and photocopiers ...